Vaasthu Sasthram

Sri. Sreedharan Nampoothiri provides high-class Vaasthu solutions for your home or office constructions or repairs. He can verify your building plans based on your architect's drawings and suggest changes whereever needed. 

Vaasthupurusha, is the iconization of the land where a constructed structure exists, and various directions and areas of the land constitute the body parts of Vaasthu. As per Vaasthu Saasthra, each area of the land or building has it's own significance, and the rooms needs to be suitable positioned in these areas. Apart from these, the area of each rooms, specific directions and shapes of floors area, shape of land, position of water bodies with respect to the building, position of roads, etc. has great significance in making the destiny of the owner of the property, or his family members or tenants.

Vaasthu solutions by Sri. Nampoothiri can help you restructure your building with least repair expenses to ensure your building is vaasthu compliant. and can help you to gain success in life.