Thanthrik/Manthrik Poojas and Homam

We can perform several types of poojas and rituals for you to achieve success in your profession or business, as ailment for your astrological problems, household and family-inherent problems, problems due to negative energies or evil forces in body, mind or homes, and diseases and physical troubles in relation to that. 

The effects of your birth star and other zodiac variations, and the misalignment caused by this can create several troubles in your day-to-day life, profession, relations, income, and even health. This can be rectified to a great extend by pleasing related Gods and forces of nature. This can be achieved using special poojas and homams. 

In addition to these, we can provide you elassu or yanthram powered with spiritual prayers and power to protect your body, home or business organization.

Ashtadravya mahaganapathi homam

Ashtadravya mahaganapathi homam enjoys the highest dignity among all ganapathi homams out of 32 ganapathi homams. This pooja is the most eminent,excellent and superior.It protects from alls obstacles and ensures prosperity. 

Thrikala pooja-Bhagavathi seva

It protects from all kalikala dosham.It is the pooja of Durga devi in 3 seasons and in 3 expressions.

Mruthyunjaya homam

This pooja is excellent to get protection from all ailments and enemies.

Navagraha homam-pooja

This pooja helps to destroy the negative powers of planets and it pleases the nine planets.Grahasanthi homam is done to ensure peace in homes.

Vishnu pooja

Vishnu pooja is done for prosperity and to please the gods.Vishnu deva prasadam is ideal to please all gods.

Dhanwantahri pooja

Dhanwanthari moorthi is a fraction of Mahavishnu. Dhanwanthari is the master of Ayurveda. Dhanwanthari pooja/ homam is excellent to get relief from all ailments.

Lakshmi Narayana Pooja

A pooja for both mahavishnu and mahalakshmi for all prosperity and wellness.

Santahnagopala Pooja

A special kind of Vishnu pooja for best children to be born and a boon for all children.

Uma Maheswara Pooja

A special kind of pooja to remove all obstacles in marriage and it ensures a happy married life.

Maha Sudarsana Homam 

A pooja done before avahana to destroy all evil spirits.


A special kind of pooja to destroy evil spirits from people and send them to some objects like copper,gold,silver etc. and ensure protection from them.


It protects from all evil spirits.Special pooja done under the advice of gurus according to proper guidelines.

Thila Homam 

This homam is done by 8 high dignity manthras of mahavishnu to destroy the sorrows and miseries of ancestors,and give them heaven.

Sukrutha Homam 

This pooja is done to destroy the miseries in homes in the old and present life and ensure punyam.

Dwadeshanama Pooja

This pooja is conducted on the 12 names of Mahavishnu.At the end of this pooja,legs of 14 Brahmins are washed, give them food,clothes etc. to satisfy them.

Sayoojya Pooja

Sayoojya pooja is a ritual done to give heaven to ancestors.

Chakra Homam

Other special kinds of poojas

The gods of Pratyumgira, Baaneshi, Mathangi, Mahishamardini,Narasimha, Aghora etc.are pleased by excellent, rare and secret manthras.