Ashta Mangalya Prashnam

Ashtamangalya Prashnam is conducted to know all the good and evil matters related to you and your family according to the science of astrology. It is an efficient way to know all whatever happened and whatever to be happened. Ashtamangala Deva Prasnam Ashtamangala Prashnam refers to two things: first thing calculation method of numerology, secondly it calculate with Ashtha (eight) Mangala (auspicious) items that are used in this type of divination. These items are: 1. Flowers 2. Fruits 3.Coconuts 4.Turmeric (fresh) 5.Urads 6.Sandles 7.Coins 8.Gee lamp ((brass lamps with a wick in clarified butter). The divination system uses 108 small conch shells specially selected. After reciting mantras, the shells are mixed and the first part, ganitha, or calculations, begins. Some are picked up and kept separately. They are divided into different parts of four each, and the balance determines the zodiacal position of the visitor. The selection of the shells is used in conjunction with the position of the planets at the moment the person arrives. The birth chart of the person is not required. The astrologer begins his reading. As the person confirms the information is true.

Nimitha prashnam

The happenings during the time of consultation and the actions of the persons in the place, their talk, and virtually everything that happens is very carefully observed by the Brahmagnane. When a mail, telephone call or letter is received from a consultee, the same is done. Accordingly the matters are interpreted and predictions are given.

Thamboola Prashnam

'Thamboola Prashnam' is a method for knowing the unknown. Through this traditional method, we can get information about a particular individual, whereabouts of a missing person or lost valuables, matters of uncertainty,Evil/ Black magic problems etc. Thamboolam: In Sanskrit signifies the gift of betel leaves along with fruits etc as a mark of respect to the person to who is being visited. Some astrologers, especially in Kerala use this method to predict mainly in relation to the health and wealth of an individual. I myself have studied this technique through my Guru in detail and regularly use it when it becomes absolutely necessary to arrive at any difficult conclusions with relation to the individual's problems.

Deva Prashnam

'Deva prashnam' is conducting at temples to know all the problems and solutions related to that temple. Deva prashnam is done by only expert astrologers and tantris who have deep knowledge in their fields. It is conducted to know the likes and dislikes of the god or goddess of temple and to know about the village and its inhabitants. Devaprashnam is the Division by astrology to find out the will of God (Devahitam). There is an expectation by devotees that The God ’Parama Siva’ had created Thirty Three Crores demigod in this universe. It is clearly mentioned various astrological book about the different expression. There can be many more things in a temple which create damage to the divine life.

Kavadi Prashnam

A 'Kavadi' in Tamil stands for a sea shell. Using these, the position of an individual and the cause of his visit for consultation is found and the solution of his problems are suggested. For this, 108 kavadis are used and they are rotated a number of times, the blessings of Guru are invoked. A portion of the kavadis are separated and counted to find out the ruling planet at that time. The results of the prasna horoscope ( A horoscope formulated at the time of arrival of the persons) are compared with the results of the kavadi prasnam, and the predictions are pronounced. 

Jaathaka Porutham (Marriage Match)

Astrological compatibility consideration is not only a mere ancestral practice but is a way to get the prasna reading regarding the nature, features, prospects , prosperity, love and affection, puthrabhagya ,etc.,. Unless and until a compatibility is favourable found between Bride/ Groom they can't hold a life long relationship happily. Since it is a very difficult task to get the accurate knowledge of the person's nature etc. before proceeding marriage better to consult Brahmagnane and get a prasna report then proceed further.

Muhoortha Nirnayam

Muhurtham or " Auspicious time " Is the best remedial measure in astrology. Select best muhurtham possible to all important occasions like marriage, start new business, start the construction of new house etc. The horoscopes of bride and groom are studied. Brahmagnane and an auspicious time is suggested.