Astrological Services & Consulting

Astrology is a divine science. It consists of Jaathakam, Golam, Nimitham, Prashnam, Muhoortham and Ganitham. Jathakam or horoscope of a person is helpful to look into his present and future and to take adequate remedial measures against any ill-fate or "Grahappizha". Predictions are made based on the grahanila in the birth chart.

Services Offered by Sri. PN Sreedharan Nampoothiri


Sri. Sreedharan Nampoothiri is an expert in horoscope calculations and predictions based on birth times and star positions. He provides consultation services for horoscope related queries or predictions.


The horoscope is a document defining brief prediction of life of a person based upon the planetory positions at the exact time of his birth. Usually this is written at very early age, but can be written at any time, if the exact date and time of birth, as well as place of birth are known.


Kavidi Prasnam - Kudumba Prasnam (related to family affairs), Manushika Prasnam (related to personal affairs), Devaprasnam (related to family/ancestral temples)

Medical Jyothisham

Predictions of diseases and disorders to body organs or areas on basis of planetory positions at time of birth, or current planetory positions and motion, and suitable remedies and precautions.

Gem Consulting

Selection and wearing for suitable gem stones matching with zodiac/planetory positions and birth stars, improve success, prosperity, happiness, integrity at home, education and health.


Calculation of lucky numbers, suggesting lucky names, change of spellings, names for business organizations, homes, according to date of birth of concerned person.

Vaasthu Consulting

Calculation of floor spaces, verification of position and distribution of room partitions, directions, water flow, etc. for homes, offices, new constructions or alterations.

Pendulum Astrology

Using Pendulum for determining negative and positive spaces within a building or home or empty land area, or determining diseases in human body.

Thanthik/Manthrik Poojas/Homam

Poojas for achieving goals and success in ventures, poojas and returns against ill-fate and problems due to planets and positions, prathishta rituals at temples, poojas for family/ancestral problems or doshas, effects of negative energies or evil spirits, parihara poojas, empowering self-protection amulets (elassu or yantram) with magical powers, yanthram for protecting home and family, body, yanthrams for attaining good job, or securing jobs, or getting deserved promotions and salary hikes with no hinderances, etc. Parihara (solution) poojas will be performed at temples - Choorappadi Vishnu Kshethram, Nettoorkavu Bhadrakali Kshethram.